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The Great Forgetting & the Path to True Awakening

In our quest for peace and fulfillment, we often encounter profound teachings that challenge our conventional understanding of the self and consciousness.

One such enlightening exploration is presented in the new documentary by Awaken The World Film, Awakening Mind Part 2: The Mind Unveiled.

This video delves into the nature of the human mind, the illusion of the ego, and the transformative journey toward spiritual awakening.

Here, we distill the essence of this profound content, guiding you through the key insights that can help you uncover your true nature.

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The Great Forgetting

To enter the human experience is to embark on a journey of great forgetting.

At birth, we are one with the infinite, but as we grow, the veil of the conditioned mind obscures the truth of who we really are.

This veil casts us into a world of separation, limitation, and doubt.

Our true nature becomes hidden behind layers of conditioning, creating a sense of separation that we often accept without question.

Understanding this initial separation is the first step towards reawakening to our true essence.

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Nature of the Mind

As we begin to explore the nature of the mind, we uncover its dualistic tendencies.

Throughout history, humanity has sought to understand the mind through various lenses—spiritual, philosophical, and scientific.

Commonly, the mind is perceived as something residing within the head, associated with thinking and cognition.

However, the mind is much deeper, representing duality itself.

Known as Maya or Illusion in various traditions, the mind's nature is to create the sense of separation that defines our ego.

This duality is the foundation upon which our experience of the world is built, dividing our awareness into subject and object, self and other.

Person in front of a fragmented mirror, surrounded by ethereal light.

Ego & Illusion

The ego, derived from the Latin word for "I," is the persistent idea that we are individual entities separate from the whole.

This illusionary self is not our true essence. Our true self is infinite awareness—consciousness itself.

Most of us are entangled in the content of experience—thoughts, images, feelings—creating an illusory self that we identify with.

This ego, while giving us a sense of individuality, is ultimately a construct that veils our true nature.

The more we identify with the ego, the more we reinforce the illusion of separation, leading to a life driven by fear, desire, and a sense of incompleteness.

Person meditating with lifting veils, revealing light and serene landscape.

The Process of Awakening

Awakening involves transcending the dualistic mind and recognizing our true nature.

It is a journey of peeling back the layers of illusion to uncover the infinite consciousness within.

This process often begins with questioning and direct investigation into the nature of thought and the self.

As we delve deeper, the sense of being a separate thinker dissolves, revealing a state of pure, unbound consciousness.

This awakening can be gradual or sudden, but it always involves a profound shift in how we perceive ourselves and the world.

A baby and a mirror with a dreamy, celestial background blending into a child surrounded by radiant light.

Childhood & Ego Formation

From a young age, we develop an ego through identification and conceptual thinking.

This process starts with recognizing ourselves in a mirror, around 6 to 18 months old, and continues as we form a personal identity.

As children, we are taught to see ourselves as separate individuals, distinct from others.

This identification with the body and mind strengthens the illusion of a separate self, leading us to believe in our individuality as we grow.

This sense of separation becomes deeply ingrained, shaping our thoughts, behaviors, and interactions.

A figure emerging from a dark, misty environment into a bright, ethereal space, symbolizing liberation and freedom.

Suffering & Psychological Pain

Psychological suffering stems from the belief in being a separate entity.

Every instance of psychological pain can be traced back to this fundamental mistake.

Unlike physical pain, which serves a protective function, psychological suffering is unnecessary and rooted in the illusion of separation.

Recognizing this can lead to profound liberation.

When we understand that our suffering is a result of mistaken identity, we can begin to let go of the ego's hold on our lives and experience the freedom of our true nature.

Abstract image of a figure transitioning from a dark, divided side to a bright, harmonious side, symbolizing the shift from dualistic mind to awakening.

Transcending the Dualistic Mind

The dualistic mind is characterized by the separation between the witness and the witnessed—subject and object.

Awakening transcends this split, allowing us to realize the ever-present primordial awareness.

This realization dissolves the boundaries of the ego, merging us with the flow of life.

By seeing through the illusion of duality, we come to understand that all experiences arise within the same field of awareness, and that this awareness is our true self.

A figure transitioning from dark, turbulent waves to calm, flowing waves of light, symbolizing the journey from resistance to surrender and peace.

Resistance & Surrender

The mind's resistance to life creates suffering.

Attempting to conquer the mind with the mind leads to endless struggle.

True liberation comes from surrendering to what is, without resistance.

This surrender allows life to flow through us, unhindered by the ego's preferences and fears.

When we stop resisting, we open ourselves to the natural intelligence of life, which guides us toward peace and fulfillment.

This process of surrender is not about giving up, but about letting go of the need to control and allowing life to unfold as it will.

A human figure surrounded by light and ethereal elements, symbolizing spiritual awakening and growth.

The Role of Suffering in Awakening

Suffering often acts as a catalyst for spiritual inquiry. It prompts us to ask deeper questions about the nature of self and existence.

This introspection can lead to moments of profound realization and the eventual awakening to our true nature.

Through suffering, we are driven to seek answers and find meaning, which ultimately brings us closer to the truth of who we are.

This process transforms suffering from a source of pain into a powerful tool for growth and awakening.

A woman immersed in radiant light and harmonious energy, symbolizing a magnificent and ethereal transformation.

Consciousness as Fundamental

Consciousness is the fundamental reality.

This understanding transforms our perception of life, shifting us from an ego-centered existence to one of service and harmony with the whole.

Recognizing consciousness as the foundation of existence brings a sense of profound relaxation and liberation from personal anxieties.

It changes our relationship with the world, helping us see that we are not isolated beings, but expressions of a greater whole.

A human figure dissolving into a vast expanse of light and energy, symbolizing unity and infinite consciousness.

Non-Dual Awareness

Non-dual awareness is the recognition that there is no separate self.

Everything we perceive is an expression of one infinite consciousness.

This realization dissolves the illusion of separation, allowing us to experience life directly, without the filter of the conditioned mind.

In this state, we understand that we are not separate from the world around us, but intimately connected to all of existence.

This awareness brings a deep sense of peace and fulfillment, as we no longer feel the need to seek outside ourselves for happiness.

A human figure surrounded by a radiant, interconnected web of light, symbolizing unity, peace, and enlightenment.

Practical Implications of Awakening

Awakening transforms our personal goals and lifestyle.

We move from ego-centered ambitions to a life of service, aligning with the natural flow of life.

This shift brings about a deep sense of peace, fulfillment, and connection with all that is.

Our actions become less about achieving personal success and more about contributing to the well-being of the whole.

This transformation affects every aspect of our lives, from our relationships to our work, creating a more harmonious and meaningful existence.

A female figure merging with a radiant expanse of light and energy, symbolizing oneness with universal consciousness.

Ultimate Realization & Liberation

The ultimate realization in the journey of awakening is the recognition of our oneness with universal consciousness.

This understanding eradicates personal and collective suffering, revealing a life of profound harmony and peace.

By seeing through the illusion of separation, we free ourselves from the constraints of the ego and live in alignment with the truth of our being.

This liberation is not an escape from life, but a deeper engagement with it, where we experience the joy and beauty of existence in every moment.

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Final Reflections

The journey of awakening is a profound and transformative process.

By recognizing the true nature of the mind, transcending the illusion of the ego, and embracing our infinite consciousness, we uncover the deep peace and fulfillment that lies within.

As we awaken to our true nature, we not only transform our own lives but also contribute to the collective well-being of humanity.

The path to awakening is an invitation to remember who we truly are and to live in harmony with the flow of life.

Through this journey, we discover that we are not separate from the world, but an integral part of the magnificent tapestry of existence.

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